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​​Pocket masks are MANDATORY for ALL CPR and Lifeguarding Classes. If you own a pocket mask, you MUST bring it to class. If you do NOT own a pocket mask, you may purchase below: ​​​​

MANDATORY ITEM for ALL CPR & Lifeguarding Classes.  

  1. Pocket Mask $19.50
    Allows responder to safely provide ventilations. Can be used on adults or children. The mask is designed for practice purposes.
    Item #: 0100-CPR-PCKT-0010
  1. Lifeguard Hip Pack $38.50
    This item is a must have for all Lifeguards! The hip pack, which can be worn around the Lifeguard's waist, includes: CPR Pocket Mask, assortment of band-aids, gauze pads, gloves, medical shears.
    Item #: 0100-HIP-PACK-0010
  1. AED Machines & Accessories
    We are an Authorized Distributor of AED products and accessories from Zoll, HeartSine, Defibtech, PhysioControl, & Cardiac Science. For a complete listing of products, please visit:
Authorized Distributor of AED's & Accessories 

  1. Bag Valve Mask $27.99
    It fits in the palm of your hand, is easy to deploy and is made of medical grade silicon. The Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask) is a hand-held disposable device for manual resuscitation and emergency respiratory support for adult patients.
    Item #: 0100-CPR-BVM-0020
  1. 40" Lifeguard Rescue Tube $54.99
    This rescue tube is designed to used at pools or lakefronts. Not recommended for oceans or water parks. Lifeguard Rescue Tube: 40" (Size: 40" x 6" x 4") Water Cell foam offers a softer feel and longer life. Extra width and thickness for better flotation. Lifeguard Rescue Tube - Quick release buckle. Lifeguard Rescue Tube - 12" extension to accommodate larger swimmers.
    Item #: 0100-PLG-TUB-0110

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